Who Are We?

CONTRARIWISE is a journal of philosophy made by students of Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science & Engineering, a school on 123rd between Morningside and Amsterdam in New York City. It is currently run a team of students at CSS, including teacher advisor Prof. Beletsky, editors-in-chief Amogh Dimri and Theo Frye Yanos, and editorial board members Shakib Ali, Haroon Arain, Luca Fiaschetti, Chloe Levison, Max Manoach, and Franmy Mateo-Tapia.

We have six volumes of the journal published so far* and are currently accepting submissions for our seventh. (Click here to see what you can submit.) You can see the covers of Volumes 1 through 6 below. If you would like to buy a book, talk to one of the people mentioned above, email editors@columbiasecondary.org, or wait for an event that we sell at.

Contact us at editors@columbiasecondary.org.

* The sixth volume is currently being printed and will be available soon.

Cover of our First Volume! Cover of our Second Volume! Cover of our Third Volume!
Cover of our Fourth Volume! Cover of our Fifth Volume! Cover of our Sixth Volume!