Who Are We?

CONTRARIWISE is a print journal of philosophy by students of Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science & Engineering. The best way to learn about the journal is to read it! If you do not have a copy in hand, you may order one. You may also read a few samples online, visit our Facebook page, watch our video, and ask us questions.

Cover of our First Volume! Cover of our Second Volume! Cover of our Third Volume! Cover of our Fourth Volume! Cover of our Fifth Volume!

The first issue of CONTRARIWISE was rated " Superior—Nominated for Highest Award" in PRESLM, NCTE's annual contest for student literary journals. It also received a review and interview. It is included in the American Philosophical Association's online list of philosophy journals.

Our second issue featured an international contest, with winning pieces from England, Italy, China, Turkey, and the U.S., as well as two national contests. Our international collaboration was featured at conferences in Imola and Venice.

Our third and fourth issues feature two international contests, a national contest, and regular (but altogether unusual) submissions.

Our fifth issue features CSS classics like the dialogues and utopia projects, but also a new mix of drawings, and a fresh return of that CONTRARIWISE-brand dry humor in the introductory pieces. Interspersed through the contests themed around envy and justice (is envy justified? is justice worthy of envy?) are reflections on life, school, demons, death, cooking, AI, and soda. This issue includes a brief alumni section and plenty of international submissions.