How to Purchase CONTRARIWISE

To order copies (volumes 1-4), bookmarks (volumes 1 and 2), or a t-shirt (volume 2), write a check to Columbia Secondary School and send it to this address. Prices: $10 for each issue, $1 per bookmark, and $25 per t-shirt. Add $5 to the total for packaging and shipping. For international orders, please email us first so that we can give you an accurate quote and specific instructions.

You may also purchase any of the issues of CONTRARIWISE at Book Culture or on Amazon. (We strongly recommend Book Culture if you are in NYC.)

Copies purchased in person (at school or events) are $8 each for students and $10 for adults.

Bonus offer in person: pay $40 and receive a copy each of volumes 1-3, a bookmark each for volumes 1-2, a full-color t-shirt, and an acknowledgment in the sixth issue (unless you request anonymity, in which case the acknowledgment will be omitted).

Bonus bonus offer! Are you hard on cash, but still thirsty for philosophy? Walk on over to Word Up Community Bookshop on 165th and Amsterdam, ask at the counter, and you can pick up a copy of an earlier edition for just $1! You might even see something else you like, or have a nice chat with a volunteer there. Of course, you can also win a contest and get the next edition for free; whichever works for you I guess.