Editorial Board Application

Note: This application is not in use currently, as the next school year has not yet started.
Here is an archive of the application from last year.

Would you like the most awesome opportunity to be an editor of an international and prestigious journal? Well you have one! Contrariwise is currently scouting talent for the Volume 5 Editorial Board. This is a wonderful chance to contribute to something that is important and meaningful, and it will look great on your college resume too - BONUS!

This year the Editorial Board will meet every single Wednesday (3:15 - 4:15) until the journal is sent to the publisher, which will be some time in January, so please only apply if you are capable of committing yourself fully to this endeavor. If you were on the Editorial Board last year you still need to apply for this year.

To apply, print the document below or visit Professor Terranova after school to get a copy in room 316. Submit your application to Professor Terranova's mailbox by October 13 to be considered!

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