CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of this year's contests!

  • International Contest

    First Place: Barnabás Paksi (Varga Katalin Gimnázium, Szolnok, Hungary), Bug in the System
    Second Place (tied): Hakan Urgancıoğlu (Sainte Pulchérie Lisesi, Istanbul, Turkey), White on the Outside; and Gábor Medvegy (Varga Katalin Gimnázium, Szolnok, Hungary), My Journey in the Justice Institute

    See their photos here!

  • National Contest

    First Place: Amogh Dimri (Columbia Secondary School, New York, United States), The Trial of Sibling Envy

Volume Five Contests:

  • International (open to secondary students outside the United States): Imagine ‘justice' as a building. What does it look like? How is it planned and built? Who builds it? What kind of structure does it have? What is inside, and what happens inside? How does it affect its surroundings? Your response may take the form of an essay, story, poem, dialogue, letter, real estate advertisement, architectural prospectus, or other written genre. You may provide black-and-white illustrations, but the written part must be capable of standing on its own.

  • National (open to secondary students in the United States): Are there any situations in which envy is justified?

  • Art (open only to students at Columbia Secondary School): Take the word "contrariwise" and create a piece of art that you feel embodies it in meaning or essence.

  • Infrequently Asked Questions (open to all secondary students): Ever wonder about the answers to fascinating, infrequently asked questions? Last year, Diana Senechal asked: "What would happen if corn rebelled and overthrew the cob?" We weren't sure, but she thought "the cob would be... shucked." We know you've got some weird question on your mind, let us know!

  • All submissions must be completely original. *

  • * Of course, philosophically speaking, there's no such thing as "completely original." all we mean is to write your words "in your own words." Don't take the words out of other people's mouths; they might get startled and accidentally bite your fingers.